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Concept Engineering Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Company provides the only commercial visualization engine for all major design levels combined with smart IP assembly capabilities

Freiburg, Germany – June 3, 2015 – Concept Engineering, specialists in visualization and debugging technology for electronic circuits and systems, this year celebrates its 25th year as the market leader for commercial schematic generation and viewing technology. Since the company's inception in 1990, Concept Engineering has remained at the forefront of technology and innovation for electronic design automation (EDA).

Visualization Engines for EDA Tool Developers

The company continues to provide EDA tool developers with the only commercial visualization engine for all major design levels – transistor, gate, RTL and system. Forty OEM customers in the EDA and semiconductor markets – as well as many commercial FPGA tools – use technology from Concept Engineering. EDA tool developers using the company's technology benefit from the unique design exploration capabilities and from the built-in smart IP editing features for automated system assembly. Today, tens of thousands of EDA tools use Concept's visualization engines.

Debugging Tools for Analog, Digital, AMS and SoC Designers

Over 250 chip design companies worldwide have licensed the company's VISION customizable line of products to debug digital, analog, and mixed-signal (AMS) designs. The VISION tool family consists of StarVision® PRO, RTLvision® PRO, GateVision® PRO, and SpiceVision® PRO. All individual tools within the tool family combine advanced visual debugging technology with open APIs, enabling customers to easily create automated and customizable debugging flows.

"A quarter of a century is a significant milestone for any technology company. We could not have reached this milestone without the continued support and trust of our customers, and the passion and commitment of our staff," said Gerhard Angst, president & CEO.

Concept Engineering was founded in June 1990 by Lothar Linhard and Gerhard Angst, both graduates of the Fachhochschule (University for Applied Science) in Furtwangen, Germany. From the start, the company's key values provided the foundation for product development and responsiveness to customer needs:

  • Technical excellence and product quality.
  • Being responsible to clients and employees.
  • Creating an environment of innovation, integrity and respect.
  • Being reliable technology partners to customers.

By 2007, Concept Engineering was singled out by EDAcentrum, an independent association dedicated to the promotion of research and development in EDA, to receive the EDA Achievement Award for research and development. As of 2015, the combination of Concept Engineering's passion for product quality and a worldwide base of loyal customers is set to move the company towards even more advanced visual debugging technology.

"Over the years, Concept has continued to maintain the innovative spirit that has made the company a technology leader," said Lothar Linhard, co-founder and CTO of Concept Engineering. "Our goal has always been to provide high quality products that add value, and to support our customers by developing innovative and reliable products."

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering is a privately-held company based in Freiburg, Germany, that provides visualization and debugging technology for electronic circuits and systems, including automatic schematic generation technology for all major design levels. The company's technology helps electronic design engineers to easily understand, debug, optimize and document electronic designs. Concept Engineering's software technology is used in many fields in the EDA market, including: RTL development, IP reuse, ASIC and SoC design, FPGA design, analog/mixed-signal design, logic synthesis, design verification, test automation, post-layout analysis, debugging and visualization at system level, RTL level, netlist level and transistor level.

SpiceVision PRO, GateVision PRO, RTLvision PRO, and StarVision PRO are registered trademarks and Nlview, T-engine and S-engine are trademarks of Concept Engineering GmbH in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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